About Me.

This is a short presentation about me, my business and life.


Viktor Ohlin
Photographer and Web developer


Creativity has always been my fuel, the feeling of creating something brings me so much energy and joy to life. I got my first camera as a child and have since explored the world through the lens. The drive to create something made me want to work with my hands and body, which led me to become a carpenter and designer. After a few years working as a carpenter, I missed the opportunity to express myself through the imagery. I started working as a portrait photographer and traveled around Sweden to photograph schools and events. I have always had a keen interest in technology and the internet, already at the age of 18 I had created several websites for clients of my dad’s company in addition to school work. Just over ten years later, I became a partner in that company and now work full time with web development, photography, filmmaking as well as technical support and instructor. In my spare time I am active and love mountain biking, weight lifting, playing music and experiencing life with my family. I am constantly in search of new assignments and you are more than welcome to contact me.